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In our Home we daily work on the development of our core members to help them growing in their abilities and independence within the constraints of what is possible for each of them. The work is challenging, but so satisfying when we see them make small improvements. In this blog I give some examples.

Every week we visit a swimming pool. The photo shows Manuel’s great progress in the water: He is able to float and is at home in the pool! His sister Maria Elena now also floats without any floating aids! We also worked for months with María Elena to teach her how to tie her shoe laces! First we worked on improving the muscle power in her hands; then we started practicing with a cardboard shoe on the table. And finally with a shoe on her foot. Credit is due to the physiotherapist who visits us monthly and gives guidelines to our staff how best they can help our core members. All these achievements fill us with great satisfaction!


Last year we also took Maria Elena to the dentist every week, because her teeth were in a very bad condition. We found a dentist who was happy to take Maria Helenas on as a patient, because there are very few dentists who are able to treat people with disabilities! Moreover, once her teeth were restored to best possible health, he also gave her a denture to fill in the gap of some missing teeth. And he did everything free of charge! Recently, and after a long time, we visited the dentist and his team at the Maña clinic again to have a cavity filled. They never say ‘No’! We are very grateful for this unconditional support.


This week we invited our hairdresser friend to our Home to give our core members a nice somewhat overdue haircut: everyone’s hair had grown a lot! On average, Wenseley comes once every six weeks. Him visiting us saves us a lot of work and effort. Wenseley does not charge anything either! In the photo you can see that haircutting has become as relaxed event We are so grateful for all these special and valuable contacts!

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