Goal of the Vivir Juntos foundation

Vivir Juntos was founded in June 2015. Its goal is:

To support a home community in Juigalpa (Nicaragua) for young and older adults with an intellectual disability, and possibly to support other such communities if they get established.

The foundation wants to achieve this goal by recruiting volunteers, organizing fund raising campaigns and activities, providing information and creating publicity.

How we operate

The foundation has a Board and a number of active volunteers. Board members and other volunteers work together in a brainstorm group, thereby fully benefitting from the individual talents of each of the volunteers. Everyone contributes to the goal of the foundation from their  own experience and enthusiasm. The brainstorm group meets once or twice a month. Would you like to join us? You’re most welcome!

The Board and the remuneration policy

The Board of the Vivir Juntos foundation consists of:

  • Ruud Lambregts – Chairman
  • Henk Verheul – Executive secretary
  • Willy de Mooij –  Treasurer

Besides the meetings with volunteers the Board meets at least two times a year to draft the plan and budget for the next year, and to discuss and accept the annual report and the accounts of the previous year.


  • Michiel Witz – Site administrator
  • Annelies Witz-Vlaardingerbroek – Public Relations

Board members are volunteers. They do not receive any remuneration. You can read more about this in our policy statement.

Picture of the board of the Ruach foundation

The Ruach Foundation

A group of very involved volunteers and parents works in Juigalpa on the task of establishing a home community for some intellectually disabled adults. They are connected to Fundación Ruach, the foundation that is in charge of this task.