When we started the Ruach Foundation we regularly worked with volunteers in the community home or in our activities centre. They included international as well as Nicaraguan interns from universities in Managua or Juigalpa.

Gifts in 2020

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As a small organisation the Ruach Foundation is dependent on donations to be fully functional, and we need to be creative in finding donors. We are fortunate that Vivir Juntos provides us with a solid base because of their commitment … Read More

Farewell to Rommel

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At the end of November, in consultation with the family, Rommel’s stay at Ruach’s community home came to an end, as it was concluded that Rommel needs more specialized care than we could offer him.

Hurricane, swimming and personnel changes

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While the people of northern Nicaragua watched the hurricane pass, with houses collapsing, trees falling and rivers bursting their banks, the rest of Nicaragua suffered unprecedented levels of rainfall for several days.

My children

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Since 2015 I have lived with my son Jonathan in Juigalpa, where I contribute to the work of the Fundación Ruach. When we left the Netherlands Daniella, my daughter, stayed behind to finish her University education. Two years ago she … Read More

Eric (64) facing steep cliffs for his 4th Ruach Run!

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We, the Ruach workers in Juigalpa, are very active in running our community home for intellectually disabled adults and organizing recreational activities for this vulnerable population group. We would not be as successful as we have been without the moral … Read More

Update on COVID-19 in Juigalpa, Nicaragua

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Hard to believe but the traditional 15 August parties in Juigalpa were not cancelled, but at least took place with adherence to some special preventive measures. For example, the bull-fighting did not take place in the arena in the centre … Read More

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