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Have you already visited the new Ruach Foundation website in Spanish and English? Have a look via: We are satisfied with the result. I think the access is fairly easy through a logical name. We intend to regularly put new content on the site so that it emanates ‘life’ and attracts visitors.

We had been looking for a Juigalpa resident who could help us developing the Spanish website. Juigalpa is rather short of website designers, but ‘via via’ we met Javier. Since then we have had many meetings and we were able to offer him a work contract for a fixed period as we still had some money left from a donation that we received last year from a church in Leiden. The church community had raised this money by collecting old newspapers and selling them to benefit several charities. They made it possible that we can now advertise the work of our foundation more widely! Of course we are very grateful, the more so because it was one of the recommendations of an external evaluation that took place in Nov/Dec last year.

Are you a Spanish speaker and would you like to give us feedback on your first impression and the content of the site? Please mail me. Dutch readers can continue to use the website to stay informed about how Ruach is faring.