Vivir Juntos support to the Ruach Foundation: efforts here and there

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In our previous Newsletter we wrote about the request from the Ruach Board to increase our annual contribution. We have seen that there is ample enthusiasm among many donors to support the Ruach community, individually and through special campaigns. And therefore we, the Board of the Vivir Juntos Foundation, have decided to positively respond to the request from Juigalpa.

This implies that we are going to do our best to raise, together with you, the annual contribution from USD $ 28,000 to USD $ 40,000. This means that besides the amounts that we have already raised we ought to raise another US$70,000 between now and the end of 2020. We trust we will manage this!

At the beginning of April we received from Juigalpa the so called ‘informe narrativo’, a verbal report about the second half of 2016. In this report Astrid and her colleagues look back while at the same time explain plans for the new year.

The new plans include adding extra opening hours for the activites centre which would enable another six participants to take up meaningful activities in the mornings. The Ruach Board also thinks about starting a garden. And the search has started for a fourth person who can find sheltered accommodation in the Ruach home.

These are all beautiful ‘next steps’ made by this special project. And therefore we are also enthusiastic to continue with our efforts so that we increase the probability that this special project will take up a permanent position in the Nicaraguan society.

Jeroen Boggia
Acting chairperson of the Vivir Juntos Foundation