Mothers’ Day

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This is the week of Mother’s Day, celebrated on May 30th. Many companies are closed and all the schools invite mothers for an activity to honour them.

Yesterday the members of the Ruach Board organized a party for all the staff and their families, 25 people in total. The Board members also did the cooking, a Spanish-style rice dish. Almost all invited persons came. Dressed in their best outfits, our core members walked at 5.30 pm to the venue the home of Luz Milda. Most core members enjoy a party, not least because it means cake and good food! They had little inkling of what else the party was about.

A towel was the raffle prize, and all employees, considered ‘stand-in mothers’, received a gift from the core members. All of them got a mug with the Ruach logo and a picture of themselves. Everyone was well-pleased with this original gift.

Around 7 pm our residents showed signs of getting tired, so we bade farewell. We were offered the cake to take home to eat the next day. Soon after we got home, the heavens opened…

Most of the staff, although their working day was finished, accompanied our residents back home. It was lovely to see that our team works in a smooth natural way. All of them looked after ‘their’ core member’ to whom they give special care, so in no time all were taken to their beds. (We work with a mentor system). Well- satisfied, the staff then left for their homes.

Collage Moederdag

But this Mothers’ Day also had a sad side, as it did last year. (see the article Nicaragua). The picture below is being circulated via WhatsApp, the surest way to reach the whole of the country. It says: “In honour of all mothers, April 2018, who have lost a son; for all mothers whose sons are still missing. Nicaragua is with you”. Sharing sadness lightens the burden.