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In 2015 we, the Board of Vivir Juntos, together with Astrid, started on the task of laying the financial foundation for the Ruach home in Juigalpa.

In the meantime, over the last 5 years, we have gained a much clearer understanding of his work. He reached a ripe old age. (See also Astrid’s message about his life). It’s now up to us and especially Astrid to keep his legacy alive in the daily life of the Ruach community. It’s gratifying that this is happening. The Ruach community is full and ‘on its way’!

Astrid’s visit to the Netherlands and the period after 2022
During Astrid’s last visit we discussed the longer-term involvement of Vivir Juntos. In the last Newsletter we were able to write that the funding till the end of 2022 is guaranteed. Fortunately Ruach is also now receiving, little by little, funds raised from different sources. But it is likely that Ruach will not yet be self-sufficient by 2022 and financial support from the Netherlands will still be needed. We agreed that Astrid will talk to various people about how continued support from the Netherlands can be arranged for the period after 2022.

Evaluation and the Ruach Board 

In March and April the Vivir Juntos Board communicated with the Ruach Board about the results of the evaluation. The Ruach Board sent us an action plan containing five goals, these being: (i) improving communication between the different levels within the organisation (a well-known phenomenon in a growing organisation); (ii) improving publicity about the work; (iii) strengthening the activities centre; (iv) continuing the efforts to seek funding from different sources; and (v) finalizing documentation about the management of the organisation. The Vivir Juntos board replied that we have full confidence in the implementation of this action plan.

Annual report 2018
The annual report for 2018 was finalized and published on the website in April. Interested readers can download a copy. (Only available in Dutch.)

Jeroen Boggia
Chairman, Vivir Juntos Board