How to proceed after the evaluation?

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The evaluation of the project in Juigalpa is finished. The consultant, Brenda Tapía, wrote up her findings and sent her sizeable report to the Ruach Board.

It’s clear that the project, the community home and activities centre fulfill a big need. Many things go well, but of course there are issues that require attention. The Ruach Board discussed Brenda’s report for the first time on 15th February. We will keep you informed about the response of the Ruach Board to the recommendations of the report.

Financing contribution for project plans 2019 – 2022
In the previous Newsletter I wrote that Vivir Juntos raises funds through private donors and via so-called capital funds. In the past Vivir Juntos organized an annual fund-raising campaign among these capital funds. Although we have not yet received all pledged amounts, we were able to reassure the Ruach Board that we will definitely reach our targeted amount to support the Ruach Foundation.

The audit committee
At the beginning of each year we appoint a committee of two external persons to audit the accounts of the previous year. This year is no exception; we appointed the audit committee mid January. The committee will follow the financial rules that require that the audit committee should consist of two people with enough insight into financial matters to be able to judge the trustworthiness of the figures. The two members should not in any way be related to each other or to members of the Board. The audit committee writes and signs a declaration.

This declaration will be added to the Vivir Juntos annual report and published on its website. This year the members of the audit committee are the Treasurer of the Nicaragua-committee based in Haarlem and the former Treasurer of the foundation ‘Leiden Town of refugees’. Every year one of the members of the audit committee is replaced. We are currently working on the Annual Report 2018.

Jeroen Boggia
Chair of the Board, Vivir Juntos