Family reunion

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When my son Jonathan and I moved to Nicaragua more than two years ago, we left my daughter Daniella behind in the Netherlands where she was studying towards a Bachelor’s degree. But she more or less knows the atmosphere in Nicaragua: she was born here and lived here during her primary school years.

Six months after our departure she came to visit us. It was good that she could experience how our plans were shaping up. She has now finished her Masters degree study and she arrived in Guayaquil in Ecuador last week to visit her Ecuadorian boyfriend of two years. Their friendship had survived two years of them living far apart. During the early years of her secondary school we lived in Guayaquil so she has several contacts there. She hopes to start her working life there.

As it is high time for a family reunion, Jonathan and I will travel to Guayaquil at the end of January for three weeks. Time will tell whether I will have time to write blogs. But it is for absolute sure that there will be lots to write about after we get back!