Bookstore Juigalpa spoils us with big surprise

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After the participants of our Activities Centre have been guests in the book store of doña Patricia for the day, she says good bye to us with the words: ‘I will be expecting all of you tomorrow again…’

Eva, Heydis and I look at each other. Tomorrow again? And not only tomorrow, but also the day after tomorrow, the whole week in fact. Wow! We can’t say ‘No’, can we, although we were only prepared for a one-day visit. So last week was very special. Every morning and afternoon Ana Julia collected us by car to take us to the bookshop in the centre of Juigalpa, because her mother had suggested inviting our Foundation to her shop in the context of the Week of the Child (which she had interpreted very widely given our ‘adult’ target group). She wanted to introduce our Foundation to a wider public and to help us to raise a few cordobas.

Activities Club in the book store
So the participants of the activities club did their work ‘as usual’ but in a very different place, in fact in a very public spot in the book shop, and they were able to sell piñatas and small cacti in pots which they had painted. Of course we had prepared all of them beforehand by showing them pictures of the place where they would be working for the day; and two weeks before the event we had started painting small pots or cups. It was a new experiment, but enjoyed by all!

Good returns 

The participants received many gifts during the week (colouring sheets, colour pencils, small backpack, drinks) and there was a lot of interest in our project. Through Ana Julia we made contact with the two directors of small universities in Juigalpa and we got permission to go round the class rooms with a money-box to collect some money from the students for our project. In spite of the fact that students are not among the wealthiest in society we raised nearly 2000c ($ 65).

Angels do exist! 
Words cannot express our gratitude to doña Patricia and Ana Julia for all that we experienced and received last week. Miracles do exist, and so do angels! We wish that we may continue inspiring each other, each in their unique way, to create more miracles in this sometimes so dark world. Doña Patricia and her daughter Ana Julia will have lunch with us today, a modest token of our heartfelt appreciation.


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