Public Relations material

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Because we are about to start implementing our project we have produced a simple Leaflet to draw attention to our work. We hand it out, sparingly, to people who, in one way or the other, may be able to support us.

The leaflet presents the community home as a place that is welcoming and open for people with an intellectual disability, and their families, but we do not stress that it is also a home for some intellectually disabled people as we can only accommodate a very small group.
We have designed the leaflet ourselves as we want to keep costs down. But we hope tha t in due course, when our contact with the UCA University has been formalized, we can get help from students who study media sciences, or another related relevant field, to give our leaflet a more professional look, and to work towards a ‘house style’ for all future promotional materials.
This also applies to our web site. We have opted for the cheapest solution to set up a web page to ensure that organizations whom we have contacted can find more information about our work on line in Spanish, but without our spending money on it.

The Vivir Juntos website ( has been set up professionally with the aim of reaching out to the general public. In due course this website may be used to have a lot of the content translated into Spanish, which would reduce the need for our own home page.
If you want to have a look at the homepage, go to Many thanks to our friend Jan Willem who has set up the site.
Soon we will also start with our own Facebook page! You can follow Vivir Juntos on their Facebook page.