Mothers’ Day

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The month of May is a special month in Nicaragua. Everything focuses on Maria and Mothers’ Day.
In the Netherlands Mothers’ Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May, in Nicaragua on the 30th of May. As Mothers’ Day approaches there are more special offers in the shops to pamper Mum. To attract more customers shops hand out vouchers that offer a chance to compete for special prizes.

In the week preceding Mothers’ Day all primary schools put on special shows to put Mum center stage. They offer a cultural programme with pupils performing a dance, reciting poetry and much more.

Last week the Government even issued a decree that makes Monday, Mothers’ Day, into a day-off for the public sector! Of course we could not fall behind by not honouring the mothers on the Board of our Ruach Foundation. At the end of the board meeting we enjoyed a delicious cake decorated with the words: ‘felicidades madres’ (congratulations, mothers)!