Little by Little Matching Campaign

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In the latest blog I wrote about some fund-raising activities via Global Giving, including support for our new project ‘Ruach Optics’ (project 44295) through Global Giving’s Little by Little Matching Campaign.

Why do we want to start ‘Ruach Optics’, a popular optical business, in Juigalpa?
We need to reach a higher degree of financial independence to maintain our social programmes: the running of our Community Home and the Activities Centre, and our outreach work which contributes to having people look with different eyes at people with an intellectual disability. We want to emphasize that the people we work with also have talents. We have optical expertise on our Board and a network of supporters who can help us to set it up.
In past years we have told many stories in blogs and newsletters about minor miracles we experienced in working with our community home core members and participants of the Activities Centre, in spite of the challenges we have faced and the fact that we live in one of the poorest countries in Latin America; and Nicaragua is currently in a state of socio-economic and political upheaval. Therefore we do not hesitate to once more bring our campaign to your attention and appeal to your goodwill.

Two ways of supporting the Little by Little Matching Campaign

  1. Make a donation in the week from 14-18 September.
The September campaign is a five-day crowd-funding action, designed to help us celebrate the power of the crowd. Between 14 and 18 September all donations up to $50 will be matched by an extra 50%. Global Giving has made the promise that their matching funds will not run out.
  2. Ask people in your circle for a minimum donation of $10, £5 or €5 
The Ruach Foundation would also like to compete for one of the bonus prizes by making sure we rank among the top charities in the category ‘Most Unique Donors’. Please ask as many friends as you can to make a minimum donation of $10, £5 or €5 to the ‘Ruach Optics’ project.

Donating is possible via the link of the Ruach Optics project on the website of Global Giving. Click here, or paste the following link into your browser:
Many small stones in a pond can cause big ripples, i.e. big change. Let’s show the world how much we can achieve together!
Please mark Sep 14-18 in your diary and support Ruach Optics!