Global Giving

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12 June was an important day, because it was the day that the our Ruach project and all other projects recently approved by Global Giving went ‘ online’ on their web site. Global Giving is an organization that helps small charity organizations raise funds from everyone who would like to make a donation to a project of their choice. It took us a year of preparations to be accepted on the web site.

This news is all part of our effort to bring our programme –‘Help me Be Who I Am’, for people older than 15 with an intellectual disability in Juigalpa, Nicaragua to the attention of a wider public.

We are deeply grateful for Vivir Juntos’: they cover 75% of our expenses. Without them and your support we would not be where we are now! But Vivir Juntos focuses their work on the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of the world. We have now come up with an ambitious plan to look beyond the Dutch borders, also because it is not yet realistic to expect that here in Nicaragua we can raise the remaining 25% of our budget. That mill is also grinding, but very slowly…

Also, we think it is ‘world news’ that by working together our programme is already making a difference for a target group who really deserve it. Something good has been set in motion and we feel the news about our programme is a speck of light in this world in which bad news often has the upper hand.

Almost everyone of us has got friends, family or acquaintances living abroad. Please let them know about our work and Global Giving. And who knows, maybe they would be willing to support our work a little. If you need a letter in English to send to your contacts, please let us know, and we will send you one.