Astrid in Leiden

Astrid in Leiden

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Astrid was in the Netherlands and England from 15th March to 3rd April . On 24th March she addressed the ecumenical church community ‘De Regenboog’ (Rainbow) in Leiden.

During the service Astrid was given time to briefly tell something about the work in Juigalpa with the help of some slides. After the service there was time for Astrid to give more information and answer questions. The core of the message was that together we can make a difference in Juigalpa, because Ruach’s practical work depends on financial support.

The collection during the service was also for Ruach’s work in Juigalpa and will be used to buy learning tools that will further and widen the development of the core members of the Ruach community. The learning tools will be chosen in collaboration with the physio-therapist of the hospital in Juigalpa. The church service had a special Latin American flavour as the choir had rehearsed some songs in Spanish.

We would like to thank ‘De Regenboog’ again for the interest in the work of the community home and activities centre of the Ruach Foundation in Juigalpa, and also of course for the moral and financial support that you have given us in the past and now again!
Astrid presented a drawing made by Renee, one of the participants of our activities centre who would like to become the best drawer of Nicaragua. Astrid had requested him to make some drawings for Ruach’s friends abroad. In Sherborne as well as in Leiden Renee’s artwork has now found pride of place, as a creative way of expressing our gratitude for the support we received.

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