Diana’s farewell

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At the beginning of 2015, the five members of the Vivir Juntos Board started their work full of energy. So much needed to be arranged including drafting the foundation’s articles, choosing a name, and the financial matters. We met every month for a couple of hours and besides that there was a lot of e-mailing, phoning and thinking.

In our September meeting Diana unfortunately had to inform us that on top of her regular job and her family, her Vivir Juntos work was becoming too much for her. Because of her work for ‘the Ark’ in Gouda she has been key in keeping those of us on the board focused on the ideology of the Ark. We bid her farewell, and we would like to thank her very much indeed for her dedication to Vivir Juntos!

The Board needs to fill the vacancy left by Diana. We are, in particular, looking for someone who can keep the flame of the Ark burning in our midst. We have therefore made contact with people who are involved with the Ark communities in Gouda and Haarlem, and soon we will be meeting with them. After we have welcomed someone with ‘the Ark’ experience onto our Board we will see whether it is necessary to divide the tasks among us in a different way.

Jeroen Boggia
Acting Chairman,
Vivir Juntos Foundation