Dogsbody for Ruach

Dogsbody for Ruach

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Last year several people in our network helped us in special ways to raise money for our Foundation. Some former students of mine set up a stall of second-hand goods in their Dutch town at the King’s Fair.

A good friend asked for a contribution to Ruach instead of presents on her special birthday. Another friend occasionally cooks for a group of people who then make a voluntary contribution for Ruach. And now Eric Jager has started his ‘Dogsbody-for-charities’ project. He writes:

“It was a big surprise when my neighbour Tad asked me whether I would like to work with him to tidy up his garden, which he had neglected for more than 5 years after his car accident. His strength is back now, but, being 78 years old, he could not face carrying out his big plans for the garden all by himself. He offered me a fee per hour about the same as experienced qualified self-employed handymen in our area are charging. But Tad is a kind neighbour so I could not accept his over-generous offer as it stood – and also, I was born with two left hands!

A win-win situation for many
Then I had the idea that I could work for a more “neighbourly” rate and fundraise for Ruach and other charities close to my heart.
Tad knew about my involvement with Ruach, because he had attended a meeting last March in Sherborne when Astrid Delleman made a presentation about Ruach’s work. So he was very happy to accept my proposal to be paid a smaller hourly rate to go into my ‘Ruach fund’. To top it all, the neighbourhood is also happy with the improved look of their surroundings.”

A good example to follow…?!
Of course we at Ruach are tickled pink with Eric’s initiative, which benefits us as much as his neighbour. It is just another great example of a creative way in which people can support our work in Juigalpa. We hope of course that this example will inspire others, because together we can make a real difference.